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DUI to Reckless Driving with 12 Mos. Court Supervision

Alan was top-notch! From the first moment I met Alan, I was impressed by his willingness to listen to me and understand my issue. Alan reassured me that he would do the best he could for my case. Though the price seemed a little high at first, I was willing to put my faith in Alan. I figured it was my life after all. I’m so glad I did because Alan was worth every penny. He was polite, humorous and very easy to get into contact with. He outlined everything I would need to have ready and do. From obtaining my evaluation summary from NICASA and minimal risk training to great recommendations for obtaining a BAIID (“Smart Start”) ignition locking device. Ultimately, Alan was able to get my charges dropped to Reckless Driving with Court Supervision. This means that there will be no conviction on my record for DUI, pending I meet all conditions of the supervision.

I would definitely recommend Alan to anyone in need of a great DUI defense attorney.  John H.

The Attorney You Need

Alan is the Attorney you need when you have lost all faith in things that are good. He listens, evaluates, requests your needs or expected results and then plans together with you on how to achieve the results. What he says he will do, is done in the time frame outlined. He is a man of impeccable integrity that I recommend with a great amount of confidence. Your experience with Alan will be as joyous as possible when dealing with Attorneys. I slept a lot better at night having Alan on my side.  Michael J. Malloy

Alan is an excellent attorney. Assisted with compassion and reason in family matters. Always in contact and excellent follow up. I have and will continue to recommend Alan. Rodney Johnson

I have recommended Alan to several clients in need of a family law attorney. Since this is not an area of my law practice, I am very comfortable referring my clients to Alan. Alan Pearlman is always willing to give my clients the time and attention to assist their needs. Rick Drazner, Attorney and Public Adjuster

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