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Northbrook Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

The Northbrook law office of Alan Pearlman, Ltd. concentrates its practice in the areas of family law, criminal law, DUI and driver’s license reinstatement in the greater Chicago area. See below for more information about how attorney Alan Pearlman can help you meet your legal needs and achieve your goals in these areas, and contact our office for immediate assistance or consultation.

Illinois Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a difficult time, but Alan Pearlman, Ltd. will see you through with compassion, understanding and a thorough knowledge of Illinois marital and family law. More than just dissolving the marriage, a divorce proceeding impacts the future relationship of the divorcing spouses regarding each other and their children via decisions on child custody, child support, alimony (maintenance) and the equitable division of marital property. In all of these areas, the court reviews a number of factors set out in the law to decide how these matters should be determined. With a complete understanding of the Illinois domestic relations laws, Northbrook divorce lawyer Alan Pearlman knows how to prepare and present the facts and arguments to the judge in a persuasive manner to achieve a fair result that meets his clients’ needs. Our office can also help post-divorce regarding modification or enforcement of court orders.

Other Family Law Matters

Our comprehensive Illinois family law practice goes beyond divorce and helps families in a variety of areas, including:

Adoption – Growing your family by adopting a child in need can be intensely satisfying and rewarding. The adoption process, however, can be expensive, time-consuming, difficult, and heartbreaking if ultimately unsuccessful. Cook County adoption attorney Alan Pearlman will advise you on your options and be at your side every step of the way, helping to ensure a smooth and successful adoption. Talk to us about your plans for a private adoption, agency adoption or step-parent adoption.

Paternity – Children born from unmarried parents lack a legal father. For the father, this means no legal right to custody or visitation. For the mother, this means no legal right to child support. And for the child, this means no legal right to inheritance, no coverage from a father’s health insurance plan or access to government benefits, and without the identity and medical genetic history that comes from knowing one’s parentage. There are many ways to establish (and contest) paternity in Illinois. We represent mothers and fathers in paternity proceedings in Cook County and Lake County courts.

Prenuptial Agreements – With a premarital agreement, you and your partner enter a marriage with your eyes open about each other’s assets and debts, and on the same page regarding where you want to be regarding finances and property rights. A prenuptial agreement protects both parties, ensuring each one will be taken care of and neither taken advantage of in the event of divorce, death or other events. We’ll take the time to counsel you, understand your needs, and draft or review a prenuptial agreement that accomplishes your goals and will be valid and enforceable in court should you ever need it.

Domestic Violence – Illinois laws have strong protections in place to prevent or stop spousal abuse, child abuse, dating violence and more. Victims can get immediate protection through a temporary order of protection from the abuser without involving the abuser in the process, but in order to get a more lasting or permanent order, a hearing will be held, and the alleged abuser will be able to attend and challenge any evidence of domestic violence. Alan Pearlman provides practical advice and effective representation in domestic violence proceedings.

Chicagoland Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a former Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County, Alan Pearlman knows how prosecutors tackle cases and take on defendants. This experience “from the other side” helps Alan Pearlman, Ltd. know how to intervene in your case at the earliest possible stage to secure a dismissal or reduction in charges, prepare for trial or otherwise obtain a favorable result you’ll be pleased with.

DUI – A drunk driving arrest and conviction can result in a cascade of negative consequences, including revocation of your driving privileges for one year and suspension of your vehicle registration. Penalties can be even more severe based on your age, blood alcohol content and a number of other factors, including underage passengers in the car or prior convictions. Other consequences can include having your vehicle impounded, having an Ignition Interlock Device installed on your car, and being required to attend an alcohol education course or substance abuse treatment. You’ll also have a criminal record that can impact your ability to get or keep a job or professional license, and your car insurance rates will skyrocket. Defenses to DUI are often available, and an experienced DUI defense attorney like Alan Pearlman may be able to help you keep your license, keep your record clean and avoid the costliest consequences of a DUI arrest.

Traffic Offenses – Getting pulled over is no fun, and it can really be a shock to find out just how outrageously high some traffic tickets can be. Before you pay that ticket, it’s important to realize how traffic offenses put points on your driver’s license. Rack up too many points, and you can lose your license. Another cost you may not be considering is the steep rise in your insurance rates that come with points on your record. It’s worth your while to talk to Alan Pearlman, Ltd. for an evaluation of your case. You may not have to pay that ticket after all.

Driver’s License Reinstatement – You’ll lose your driver’s license if you are convicted of DUI in Illinois. To get it back, you have to petition the Secretary of State for a license reinstatement hearing. This is not a simple process or one that is easy to understand, and there are a lot of hoops and hurdles to navigate through in order to be successful getting your driver’s license reinstated. Alan Pearlman is a former Prosecutor and a former Hearing Officer for the Secretary of State who has been on all sides of the driver’s license reinstatement process in Illinois. He knows exactly what to do to get your license back promptly and successfully.

Alan Pearlman – Your Chicagoland Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

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